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Ten Facts about yukiyuuki

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  1. Because I mainly do data entry at work, I now hold a greater appreciation for people who know how to fill out paperwork (PUT YOUR DAMN BIRTHDAY YOUR NAME IS HELLA COMMON YOU DINGBAT).
  2. Part of me would like to move into my sisters’ room and call it my own but another part of me gets really sad whenever my mom makes a point of it.
  3. I really enjoy translating (especially TomoTomo), but I swear if I meet Tomo~mi in person I’d be between openly gawking at her speechless and grabbing her by the shoulders while shouting “DO YOU EVEN SLEEP!?!”
  4. I want to go shopping so bad (especially now that I work), but I need to settle some really bad shopping transactions (a refund for a shirt I STILL haven’t received and a cracked CD that was delivered late and customer support never quite responded).
  5. If you didn’t notice already, I’m overly fond of Sacred Heart from Nanoha ViVid. oxo You can find my other blogs (and occasional social media accounts) just by looking at the icon.
  6. My newest motivation for learning kanji is to one day become Nachu’s apprentice.
  7. I started getting a better idea on how to organize my computer, might start working on building one soon… o.o) ~✩
  8. I lost both my 3DSs somewhere in my room. Haven’t seen them since July…
  9. I’m happy I started interacting more with people. All of you are adorkable. c:
  10. One day I’ll reveal the number of likes I’ve made (for that matter I’ve hit limit today…). Unfortunately, today is not that day. :)

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"Now who should I take out first…"

"…Miss Paruru?"

"Yep, yes, I am a good witch, you can totally trust me. What revenge plot?"

~Kasai Tomomi One Question / One Answer~ will be live streamed TONIGHT!!



Program ID: lv193530138
Program Title: 河西智美 4thシングル「今さらさら」発売記念 ~河西智美 One Question/One Answer~
(Kasai Tomomi 4th Single 「Ima sara sara」 Release Commemorative Event ~Kasai Tomomi One Question / One Answer~ )

Date: 2014.09.22 (Mon.)
23:00 Kasai Tomomi’s live appearance (Q&A session)

MC: Hoshino Takuya

Broadcast link:

Note: Some parts of the program can be viewed only by premium members.

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Hey everyone so since I’ve finally reached my goal of 600 followers, I said I was going to do my ps4 giveaway and here it is!! First I would like to thank everyone for their support and being so friendly.

I have to give a huge shout out to my girlfriend elizabethcomstalker because I couldn’t have done this or gotten this far without her.

So let’s get to it!


-You must be following me as this is a giveaway to my followers. (I will check!)

-The winner will get to choose between the ps4 destiny bundle which I have pre-ordered or the standard black ps4 I have and a choice of ANY game. I will even pre-order a game for the winner.

-I WILL ship internationally.

-I will be using a random generator to select the winner.

-Likes and EACH reblog will add your URL to the draw. But please do not spam. If you were following me before I made this, your URL is automatically added 5 times.

-I will NOT announce the winner, I will inbox the winner and give them 48 hours to respond, if they do not I will proceed to pick another winner using the random generator.

-The items will be used as to I will still use both of them until the giveaway ends so sorry the destiny bundle won’t be brand new.

-If you have any questions you can message me.

ENDS OCTOBER 1ST. (Good luck everyone!)

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Link//Hyrule Warriors
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[Taeyeon Instagram Update]

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「Ima sara sara」 Ad truck

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Mariko Joins Sayaka,having  a trip in  philipine

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From clumsy Ikoma to cool ikoma….

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New Toyota CM

BGM AKB48 37th (Kokoro no Placard)


bae: Come over

me: I can’t

bae: I’m signing a contract

me: image

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@akimotooo726: AKB49千秋楽おめでとうございました。

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"Without effort and a heart that’s constantly looking out to improve, it is absolutely impossible to create a good stage." - Oshima Yuko